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Cheltenham Masonic Hall about 1830
Last updated  31 Aug 2014
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The Mercurius Lodge N° 7507


As with many organisations Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has Freemasons among the members of its staff and this has been the case since its arrival in Cheltenham during the 1950s when its then staff were recruited from Bletchley Park (of ENIGMA fame), the London area and several of its outstations.

Because these Freemasons had just moved into the area and were far from their “Mother Lodges” they sought out the Cheltenham Masonic Hall and visited its Lodges.

Contrary to popular belief Freemasons do not secretly announce their presence to anyone; the most usual way in which they find out that some of their colleagues are Freemasons is when they meet them whilst visiting other lodges.  It was in this way that these GCHQ Freemasons gradually formed a nucleus that went on to found “The Mercurius Lodge N° 7507” on 25th March 1957.

The name “Mercurius”  (the messenger of the Gods) was adopted to reflect the occupation of  the majority of its members.  

Although the Mercurius Lodge may have begun  its life with most of its members working at GCHQ, it is not, and never has been, a Lodge that took its members solely from GCHQ or the Civil Service.  Indeed, its membership has always reflected almost every walk of life - from Civil Servants through veterinary surgeons to  blacksmiths.

But we are all Freemasons who join on the level and leave on the square.

We Meet in The Masonic Hall,

2, Portland Street,

Cheltenham, Glos.,

GL52 2PB

on the third Friday of every month

between September and May

Next Regular Meeting:   19th  September 2014


The Mercurius Lodge of Instruction  N° 7507

meets on the fourth Wednesday of every

month  between September and May

Next LoI Meetings:  24th Sep 2014 & 22nd Oct 2014